Tim Cumper – Jepoy’s Petition? Full Of Lies.

Tim Cumper is going to take some time to explain  – in detail – how John Phillips Bengero distorts the truth in an act of gross incitement, to garner apparent support for his Search Engine Optimisation campaign, to obliterate and defame my name and person online.

This is his singular intent – he is driven by hatred, contempt and loathing – and this is how he acheives his aim – by manipulating other readers with his distortions.

Be warned – you have been manipulated by lies – if you have signed this petition, knowing nothing about the story – you are unwittingly supporting lies.
If you signed the petition because you are already a part of the SEO campaign – then you already know that you are supporting lies.

“Help us stop the online harassment and stalking of a man from Maidenhead, United Kingdom named Timothy Ellis Cumper (aka ellumbra, grabbadabba, Chacer, tierramariauk, Tim Cumper, capuccinni, equanelle, etc.) at Twitter – http://twitter.com/swallowsummer.”

Jepoy seems incapable of writing one sentence about this, without erring from the truth (of course he does this deliberately – he would be a fool to risk sabotaging his own campaign by writing anything ambiguous – or in my favour.)

So he leaves information out – he lies by omission – by telling only half the story.

What he so colourfuly describes as “stalking & harassment” – is simply normal Internet use – the following of links to find out who people really are – what their connections are.

There is a powerful reason for doing this.

The reason is this.

When besieged online by a horde of mocking, disrespectful thugs – who are immediately apparent as such because of the way that they inter-act, the way that they are territorially arrogant about the Internet and importantly because of their intolerance to listening to another’s perspective – curiosity is aroused as to who these people might be.

Fortunately the Internet provides its own solution – for checking social networks, for browsing photographs, for delving into history – to yield clues as to the social, business or family ties that unite certain people.

As such, one may discover that a group is not a random collection of individuals – but an organised group – sharing one intent – and the intention of this group (as admitted in writing by them) is to bury a story that I had published online.
In order to achieve this aim they were required to muster as much apparent support as they could – quantity beats quality in this sort of game.
In order to guarantee support from the vast readership that these people already had in their own various capacities as bloggers, they simply had to present the facts of that story differently – portraying the story as a racist attack – portraying the author as the well-known phenomena of “sex-tourist” – who abandoned his responsibilities.

To do this, required that they ignore certain elements present in the original story that would expose their distortions as lies and exaggerations.

This is the entire thrust of all propaganda material that these people are publishing – and, no exception, this is the purpose of Jepoy’s petition on Twitter – to gain apparent support from people who mostly do not know a thing about the story – but are prepared to sign along because they believe Jepoy’s lies – which coincide with their own, natural & defensive contempt.

Jepoy omits to inform the readers of this petition, that my circuitous method of continuing contact with people who had left comments on the various sites which were part of their campaign – was forced by two reasons.

a) That conducting a sensitive, reasoned discussion in areas which had turned into a feeding-frenzy of hatred and mockery – was impossible.

b) These areas were gradually closed down, my IP address was blocked or reported as spam, comments were censored and removed (all this I have evidence for.)

Now considering that this group of thugs had started this campaign, and the material they were publishing was entirely about my person – I have a right to pursue my “right to reply” – by which ever means are available and necessary to me.

Not one single person has come forward, complaining of harassment or stalking – but what really annoys John Phillips Bengero is the fact that I sent a message to what appeared to be family contacts of his on FaceBook.

Why did I do this?

Because a) He had set up two groups on facebook “I Was Stalked By Tim Cumper” followed by “The Tim Cumper Watch” – to do more of the same work that he hopes to achieve with this petition – then, b) because he was administering the groups, he again had control over my ability to comment or not – which he removed.

Left with no other recourse – frustrated, annoyed and desperate from his actions – I sent a very polite message to as many family/friend contacts as I could – simply to alert them to his behaviour – hoping beyond hope, that maybe one of these people could get Jepoy to see sense.

Besides, during the course of this affair since 2007 – I have sent countless emails and messages to random people – in my search for the truth.

Not one of these people have ever resorted to calling these messages “stalking or harassment” – it is obvious that the campaign have seized on this activity out of annoyance – and advertise it in a totally unbalanced and distorted way – by firstly labeling it as stalking & harassment – secondly, by omitting the reasons why  it was necessary for me to take those steps.

“He owns a blog called Hospital Scams – Philippines, Tierra Maria UK, and Tierra Maria Estates Scam where he posts his articles and videos about his hallucinations of an organized Philippine real estate / hospital scam. His blog and videos accuse innocent people without even providing a solid proof or evidence.”

Notice the language he uses – words like “hallucinations” prove that his mind is already made up, his intentions are perfectly revealed in twisting the reader’s perceptions as to what the story is really about.

Notice the word “organised” – again a distortion. Organised crime was simply one of many possible speculations as to how such an event as the story portrays could happen – and it remains true – however, again – lying by omission – Jepoy neglects to inform you that I stress time & again in the story that is was far more likely to have been a simple & amateur attempt at a scam, which was foiled by my caution – and required corroboration by others to pretend their innocence.

But it suits the overall distorted nature of Jepoy’s campaign, to underline the most far-fetched, to exaggerate the ridiculous – in any of my claims – instead of presenting the whole truth, he is selective – manipulating the reader with his lies.

“He traveled to the Philippines to meet with his Filipina girlfriend Mayen in 2007. He was (and is) still married when they met and had sex several times. This resulted in an ectopic pregnancy of Mayen. Instead of coming to Mayen’s aid, he accused her and her friends of conspiring to extort about about Php 100,000 from him under the “honey pot” type of scam.”

Here we have it – revealed in black & white – Jepoy’s deliberate distortion of unproved suggestions as definitely proved facts.
Yes – I was married and still am – and I state as much in my story – but of course it suits Jepoy’s slanderous tongue to mention it here.
However as for “This resulted in an ectopic pregnancy of Mayen . . .” – excuse me Jepoy for pointing out your ignorance and stupidity – but the whole point of the story I wrote – is because THIS HAS NEVER BEEN PROVED.
Further than this – the whole exercise of eventually publishing the story was to try and elicit more light on the events which really happened – in order to find out what that truth was.
Hence – the entire original story is ambiguous – nothing is proved either way – I know that because I was involved at the time.
So how come John Phillips Bengero can assure people of the truth, when he didn’t arrive on the scene until 6 months after the events?
He has less evidence than I have – at least I have justifiable cause for suspicion – he has absolutely nothing.

” . . . Instead of coming to her aid . . .” What does he mean by this – financial aid or emotional support? The alleged emergency had already happened, no way could I have flown from UK to the Philippines in time for that – however I had already booked a return visit for four days later. My plans to fly were scuppered at the very last minute when I could not get any official confirmation from the hospital. I’d already withdrawn money from the bank to pay for it, already paid for my flight ticket.
So where is the abandonment – Jepoy?
Again – Jepoy is lying through his teeth.

Some of the people accused:

  • Mayen, his girlfriend
  • Mayen’s friends
  • Francis Jalbuena, Tierra Maria Estates manager
  • Antonio Montinola, Tierra Maria Estates owner
  • Tierra Maria Estates
  • Medical Center Paranaque and its doctors, accountant and lawyer
  • British Embassy in Manila
  • Chin-Chin Gutierrez, Filipina actress endorsing Tierra Maria Estates.

It’s understandable that Jepoy doesn’t wish to expose himself to his own hatred and contempt for too long at a stretch – it must be very uncomfortable – which is why he is so sparing on detail – why he leaves out so much of the truth – in order to twist the reader’s perception.
So – instead of telling you what really happens in the story – he is content to let the word “accuse” become a blanket for everyone – they even go as far, elsewhere in the campaign, as saying “accusing the entire Filipino nation” – as laughable, inaccurate and absurd as these statements are – let us not forget their serious, defamatory, libelous nature.

It stands to reason that the girl is “suspected” of an attempted scam – that is what the whole story is about – is suspicion the same as accusation?
It stands to reason that those people who corroborated the girl’s story, must also stand in the light of that same suspicion – hence the marketing manager and the single friend who I was in communication with.

No one else is accused of anything – other names were simply mentioned in the story – because these were the people that were ambient to it – other friends of the girl – who may or may not have been involved – the owner of Tierra Maria Estates may or may not have been involved – he certainly didn’t respond to any of my emails – there is a distinct possibility that at least one person at the hospital may have been involved – but that is not an accusation covering the whole establishment of the hospital – the names of the doctors are merely the names I was given – they might not even know about this affair themselves, email communication with them has not shed any light on their actual involvement – but their names are mentioned as they cropped up during the events covered in the story – likewise, the lawyer – he is not accused of anything – merely that his name might have been used without his knowledge – Chin Chin is not accused of being a part of anything, simply that she was contacted as she was the celebrity endorser of the firm at this time – but she chose to remain silent – one can only speculate as to why – but she is not accused of anything.
There was cause to suspect that someone at the British Embassy may have been  “encouraged” to respond to me, passing on information from the hospital – however it is quite plainly documented in the story – that my main criticism  of this, was the apparent endorsement of entirely unverified information – which arrived directly from the same one person in the hospital who may have been complicit in providing proof.

As you can see – only 3 or 4 people are suspected of being initially involved – everyone else just happened to get included as things expanded – and these people are most emphatically not accused of anything – their participation is simply and honestly noted.

So – Jepoy is piling lie upon lie – twisting the reader’s mind.
Let’s continue to wade through this excrement.

“Some of his harassment / stalking include:

1.) Accusing a hospital and its doctors, real estate firm and its owners/employees, his Filipina girlfriend and her friends, the British Embassy in Manila, and Filipina actress Chin-Chin Gutierrez of conspiring to extort about P100,000 from him via the “honey pot” scam.

He accused them after he impregnated his Filipina girlfriend then abandoning her after she suffered an ectopic pregnancy.”

Explained above as to how Jepoy’s single-minded, blinkered determination for his campaign to succeed – relies on distortion.

“2.) Accusing the bloggers who reacted negatively on his blog to be employed/mobilized by the real estate firm to counter-attack his blogs online.”

There is a distinct possibility of the campaign originally being initiated on the authority of the real estate firm.

One of these bloggers works in real estate – has a network of real estate blogs – on one of which was discovered an article about the same firm central to my story.
This same blogger admits to knowing “of” the firm, the firm’s owner and states that she was a neighbor of the marketing manager mentioned in the story – although she denies knowing him personally, before she encountered my story.
Does this mean that she did know him personally after she had read my story, somehow?
However – I have never, ever suggested that any blogger has been paid for their work in conducting the campaign. (As Jepoy suggests further down.)

“3.) Attacking these bloggers on a personal level (juvenile attacks in most cases) by editing their pictures, calling them defamatory & libelous names, harassing their friends and families, and in extreme cases, sending them threatening messages on Facebook.”

Jepoy – famously omitting vast chunks of information – he is patently not presenting a true picture of events – do your homework folks – it’s all documented out there on my many blogs.
However, I can adamantly assure you all – that there were never any threatening messages sent on FaceBook (again I have posted these messages for you to read – of course Jepoy cannot – because that would disprove his lie.)
I can also assure you all – that there has never been any harassment or stalking activity.

There is a remarkable posting of Jepoy, where he tries to convince of my stalking by posting a read-out from a statistics plug-in from one of the blogs he administers – which shows a visit from myself lasting 8 hours.

This is how tenuous his information is – this is how desperate he is.
Now I ask you – how can anyone find things to do on one blog – for eight hours?
Come on – 8 solid hours on one blogsite?
Whether or not he believes the infallibility of his own software is one thing – but he is certainly intent on pulling the wool over the reader’s eyes.

“The action of one blogger (or his/her group) is not the responsibility of the others. Tim Cumper thought otherwise and attacked all of us individually or by group. This is when we decided to answer back via our SEO campaign to dilute his libelous and defamatory blogs on the internet.”

Ah, a salient point Jepoy – because in this case, the action of many bloggers is the responsibility of one person – yourself.
It is you who administer many of these people’s blogs for them – inserting your own links to your campaign – & I’ve seen them on a blog belonging to an educational establishment – you spread them wherever you can.
The fact is that many of your work colleagues, and your girlfriend, have blog-sites administered by you – so you are directly responsible for their involvement.
The fact is – that I could not possibly have known of the existence of many of these people – before you identified them as being connected to yourself – by pushing the links to your campaign on their own personal blog spaces.
This fact, alone – proves yet another lie – the individual attacks you suggest, can only have occurred after these people had already been identified by yourself as a part of your campaign.
Any one who is susceptible enough or stupid enough to listen to your frustrated, contemptuous rantings – without checking the facts first before succumbing to your insidious incitement – deserve to be followed through in comments – to be reminded that really, they have not got a clue what they are talking about – and if they believe your interpretation – they will definitely get it all wrong – because your interpretation is deliberately calculated to incite hatred, for the success of your campaign.
You can’t advertise the fact that you are running a campaign – and then expect us to also believe that you are presenting a balanced picture.
No – you are presenting your picture – one that you have guaranteed will attract viral condemnation – by distortion and lies.

“Just to give you an overview, here are the list of people whom Tim Cumper associated/branded as paid individuals/groups hired by the real estate firm or he maliciously defamed, stalked or harassed online:”

OK – so here we go – one by one I have to explain who these people are – and how it is that they have not been “accused” – “harassed” – or “stalked.”

Tedious – but unfortunately, necessary.

  • Noemi Dado – Suspected of organising the SEO campaign on the real estate firm’s behalf, by establishing a network of existing “professional” bloggers – exclusively in and from the Philippines, for reasons explained in detail elsewhere.
    Accusations of my stalking or harassment originate in connection with her, because she has involved other members of her family in spreading links to the campaign material, and has refused to answer any of my emails or messages – forcing me to attempt contact through circuitous means. However – there have been no threats made – and none of these people have come forward to suggest that they were harassed – it was obvious why they were contacted as a last resort.
  • Reyna Elena – suspected of being the prime contact made – living in the USA, has experience of SEO campaigns before. Responsible for much of the defamatory, insulting, mocking photo-shop work involving my image. A poison-pen writer – who only uunderstands similar communication. Expert in spreading gossip, scandal and rumour – to atract readership.
  • Jepoy Bengero – Works for GameOps and Igad Interactive Solutions. Initial contact made early on in the saga, via Noemi Dado – his mind was made up even then. Created one of the first blog pages dedicated to incitement and gaining support for the SEO campaign. Collaborated with Noemi in a video interview of the girl, the forming of 2 attack groups on FaceBook, is responsible for spreading incitement and hostility on web-sites, previously dedicated to his work, through his work colleauges and their own personal blog spaces and in the registration of a gTLD using my name. Has answered briefly, some of my emails – but his answers do not admit to any wish to be of assistance.
    Is unfortunately in the position of having involved many of his friends – by using their own web-spaces – and gets angry & defensive when they are held responsible.
  • Cathcath – Wrote a series of articles, originally criticizing Noemi Dado’s obviously biased motives for publishing my letter, but the articles started to backfire when they attracted agreement in the comments. It appeared though that previously suspected details from my story were about to be disproved by her, endorsed by her accountancy credentials. She wasted no time in revealing her true hostility.
  • Ade Magnaye – minor supporter – picture included in collage of “friends of the campaign.” Friend of Jepoy.
  • Andrew Delos Santos – slightly less than minor supporter – agrees with Jepoy’s distorted vision – contributed fallacious argument, flippant disrespect, photo-shopped images. Works with Jepoy. I possibly replied in a comment to an un-informed comment somewhere – hardly an attack, stalking or harassment.
  • Lauren Dado – Noemi’s daughter – a blogger who removed a comment from her blog for no apparent reason. Has not been mentioned in connection to anything else – other than her fame for allegedly introducing blogging to the Philippines. Has been contacted to urge her mother to communicate – that is all.
  • Juned Sonido – No idea who this is. I possibly replied in a comment to an un-informed comment somewhere – hardly an attack, stalking or harassment. Writing stern comments in reply to comments already made – is not an attack, stalking, threat or harassment – it is my right to reply.
  • Rocky Opiña – Friend/work colleague of Jepoy – carries links on his blog-space to the campaign. Agrees with Jepoy’s distorted vision – contributed fallacious argument, flippant disrespect. I possibly replied in a comment to an un-informed comment somewhere – hardly an attack, stalking or harassment.
  • Helga Weber – I possibly replied in a comment to an un-informed comment somewhere – hardly an attack, stalking or harassment.
  • Dine Racoma – Message sent to urge Noemi Dado to communicate. No threats, stalking or harassment.
  • Tristan Karlo Datoc – Friend/work colleague of Jepoy, I possibly replied in a comment to an un-informed comment somewhere – hardly an attack, stalking or harassment.
  • Don Pinger – Distasteful, sycophantic crony  – lurks in Fil-Am forums – self-righteous & patronizing beyond belief – determined not to see my perspective from first contact. Added endorsement to Jepoy’s video.
  • Pepper Soriano –  Friend/work colleague of Jepoy – who administers her blog, placing links there. A mix up about a comment (it has not been yet proved who left it) prompted me to think that it was Jepoy in disguise – and raise his hackles by writing about the person who’s disguise he was hiding behind. The hostility invoked in his guilty response, sort of proves it was true in a way – but nevertheless – I have apologised to Pepper. She, however, in response, is lying about my use of her “personal” “private” material – which I could not have had access to anyway – proving the lie.
  • Janette Toral – Message sent to urge Noemi Dado to communicate. No threats, stalking or harassment.
  • JM Taylor – Jepoy used this person as an excuse to pump more defamatory claims in to the Internet. Again – by mentioning this person in a response – Jepoy’s guilty hackles are raised – so JM gets a mention here as well.
  • Reesie Atillo – Minor collaborator. No stalking, threats or harassment.
  • Beng Hafner – Beng and I have since mutually apologised to each other and removed all reference to each other (as much as we can) from the Internet.
  • Abbie Real – Possibly a message sent to urge Noemi Dado to communicate. No threats, stalking or harassment.
  • Mark Grismer and his wife – sycophantic, “smarty-pants” devotee of Don Pinger – not worthy of more space here.
  • Mark Anthony Bravo – Friend/work colleague of Jepoy – carries links on his blog-space to the campaign. Agrees with Jepoy’s distorted vision – contributed fallacious argument, flippant disrespect. I possibly replied in a comment to an un-informed comment somewhere – hardly an attack, stalking or harassment.
  • Kathleen Hafner – Daughter of Beng – also conscripted into campaign by the silvery tongue of Reyna Elena – when they holidayed together (photographic proof discovered.)
  • Mel Beckham – Fan of Reyna Elena – latecomer – but determined to endorse something he knew nothing about – joined campaign.
  • Flowell Galindez – Minor contributor. Comment for comment.
  • Cecile van Straten – Minor contributor – comment for comment – I left some links on some blogs of her and her followers – something Jepoy does himself – so Jepoy is here including himself in any description he is giving.
  • Marlin Ada – Friend of Reyna Elena – minor contributor – joined the campaign.
  • Ada Lajara – No idea.
  • Euri Chua – Friend/colleague of Jepoy – joined the campaign – was vociferous in the FaceBook attack groups and on Jepoy’s masterpiece – at timcumper.com.
  • Mindanao Bob – Criticized for allowing links to the propaganda in favour of my comments.
  • Reeze Oliveros – No idea.
  • All members of the band, Lose Your Beer Belly – mentioned as friends of Jepoy, Noemi Dado and her daughter – that is all.
  • About 5+ contributors of GameOPS.net – Already explained, they work for GameOps.
  • More than 10 readers of Aboutmyrecovery.com – Where is the stalking, threat or harassment involved in replying to comments made?
  • More than 10 readers/friends of ReynaElena.com – Possibly previously mentioned in the list – other than this, I have no idea.
  • More than 10 readers/members of TheWorldOfFilipinas.com – Writing stern comments in reply to comments already made – is not an attack, stalking, threat or harassment – it is my right to reply.
  • And about everyone who doesn’t believe a thing he says. Oh yes – everyone has been attacked, threatened, harassed or stalked I forgot to mention that – patently ridiculous.
    Besides – the only people who have written about this have already been influenced by the distorted campaign – proving how influential it has been – because their comments only appear on the propaganda sites linked to the campaign. Writing stern comments in reply to comments already made – is not an attack, stalking, threat or harassment – it is my right to reply.
    I have proof also – that comments in support of myself have been selectively censored at some of these places.

“Please note that Reyna Elena’s group, Noemi Dado’s community and readers, the GameOPS.net community, the Man-Blog community, the Plurk community, Filipino Twitter users etc. don’t even know each other until Tim Cumper branded them (us) all as comrades.

This action of Tim Cumper, branding us all as comrades lead us to conclusion that he is paranoid and delusional.”

Ok – Reyna Elena, Noemi Dado and Jepoy – are all collaborating still – in an SEO campaign.
I had not encountered these people before they announced their presence during the activity of this campaign.
The individual members of those “groups” are often found on “Plurk” – posting trophies from their campaign, discussing future activity – or generally clumping together in supportive huddles in comment sections, making a contemptuous, flippant and disrespectful mockery of the whole affair – delighting in the entertainment that they are providing for themselves.

Of course it is entertaining for these people – they are not involved in the original story – it is not a truth that they are at all concerned with finding.
They are content to mock, to despise – to invest as little energy as they can – whereas I have been dedicated to finding this truth, for 5 years now.

Where is the delusion?

Where is the paranoia?

It is not delusion or paranoia that makes this so – it is plain to see, they have admitted as much themselves – they are all “comrades in arms” – fighting side-by-side, rallying around the same false flag.
Another clear example of the total denial of their responsibility, and how readily they twist everything to suit their own purpose.

“4.) Spamming the internet with his 20+ blogs and sending the same ‘ol Twitter update to anyone he wishes to. Tim Cumper admitted that he has done this to “provide his matrix of links”. This is called spamming and Google is strictly prohibiting this act under the Webmaster’s Guidelines.”

Ok – these things are not connected at all. My original work to make the story visible in the search engines – has no connection to Twitter at all.
Twitter updates were sent to recently acquired follwers to the Twitter Account “Tim Cumper Watch” – and possibly some of the other “parody” accounts that were set up – some using my photograph – some have been removed by twitter – some haven’t.
It is my right to inform people who have subscribed to follow a twitter account – that what they are subscribed to – is a host of lies.
It is my right to inform these people of somewhere to look for thorough information on the whole affair.

Since the appearance of Jepoy’s dedicated website – using my name in the gTLD (“timcumper.com”) – I have felt the need to adopt more blogs, as a safety precaution – using names that they will be familiar with – but these are only sub-domains at blogspot – not the travesty of Internet law – registering a gTLD name in pre-meditated bad faith.

“5.) Calling Kris Aquino, daughter of late Philippine President Cory Aquino, a mindless idiot on Twitter just because she pleaded for help for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. http://bit.ly/18WlLn”

Absolutely nothing in connection with Ondoy – nor did I have the slightest clue who this person was – other than she became an unwitting supporter of lies and distorted propaganda.

“Tim Cumper also used the Ondoy tragedy to shamelessly promote his website via the #ondoy hashtag on Twitter. http://bit.ly/3kTie6”

Demonstrating just how low Jepoy can stoop – here he attempts to distill the poison of contempt from a genuine message of sympathy which I had tagged conveniently with #Ondoy.
I used this opportunity also to warn of another threat to the Philippines – this sort of activity – which is destroying their reputation.
They are both connected to sympathy for the Philippines.

“6.) Attacking random people (a popular radio/tv host, a well known journalist, etc.) on Twitter and calling them names. These people don’t even know who Tim Cumper is. http://bit.ly/18WlLn”

Merely another unwitting supporter of Jepoy’s distorted hatred. Many of these people follow automatically, anything that moves or breathes on twitter – I felt it my duty to inform them of what they were really subscribing to.

“7.) Stealing the identity and picture of a doctor to create a Facebook account. Tim Cumper used this account not only once, but several times in sending messages to different people and used this to post messages on the TCW Facebook Page and the GameOPS Facebook Fan Page.

Tim Cumper admitted this act. This is a serious crime here in the Philippines and in the United States of America where the Facebook servers are located.”

So – stealing pictures is a crime?
Stealing identities?

I think it is plain to see that an account using someone else’s photo is stealing identity.
Now, bearing in mind that this event took place on the attack groups set up on FaceBook – which were already masquerading behind my name and photograph – the precedent had already been set.
When I found myself frustrated by having comments removed or my account blocked – I simply created another account, quickly, to continue the comments and to answer for myself.
However – I made it obvious that it was myself using the photograph and name – so there can be no doubt whatsoever that this was not being used for manipulation or for unlawful gain.

“8.) Lying that he cannot contact us by ANY means. Fact: our email addresses are open to the public, our blogs are open to comments, we don’t censor his comments… it is evident on our blogs that he’s posting there as Scam Buster Int’l, Ellumbra, Etc.”

I have never mentioned not being able to contact by ANY means – however – seeing as these other means of contact are now in the category of stalking and harassment – it would appear wise not to use these other means – and to hope that emails would be answered – which apart from a small few, early on – they have not.
Besides – contact is not a one way street – when established it is hoped for unbiased communication – which of course has never happened.

“Several instances when Tim Cumper sent us messages are all posted here: http://bit.ly/3dnNa8 |http://bit.ly/bn8p9v”

What do you expect – you numb-skull – for me to just sit back and enjoy what you were doing – with your gang of contemptuous thugs?
No way – José – no way.

There are no two ways about this – Jepoy – if my actions are to be classed as harassment and stalking – then it is because I was taught by a master – yourself.
You opened my eyes to subterfuge and deceit – by your own activity.

All I have been doing is pressing my right to reply – under torturous circumstances – engineered to be so by banning, blocking – and by the bullying response of an entire gang of bloggers.

Now – you put the crown on the deceit – by promoting it as your initial reason for the SEO campaign – which you know damn well – was initiated to get rid of an embarrassing story online.

“It is him who does not open his blogs to comments. He’s passing the blame to us. Check his blogs, comments are all off.”

I am more than aware that this is actually about a sensitive issue – which requires detailed and dedicated discussion – not suitable for discussion in the arenas of contempt. Anyone is perfectly welcome to contact me by email – any many people have.

However – the arena of comment sections – admirably suits as a haunt for gangs of bullies – on their own Internet territory – where they have the control to censor and remove – to terminate discussion at any time – where there is not room for ample discussion – where quick-fire, shooting from the hip, knee-jerk reactions are designed to throw the scent of a discussion away from sensitive, critical areas.

This demonstrates why comment sections have become so prominent in Jepoy’s battle-plan – because they suit his guerrilla tactics, his sniping, his camouflaged allies – not because they are suitable fora for discussion.

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Tim Cumper – RA 10175 – Cybercrime Prevention Act 2012 – International Cooperation

See also http://timcumper2blog.blogspot.co.uk/

Tim Cumper would like to highlight the following section from Republic Act 10175, (RA 10175 – Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012)


Sec. 22. General Principles Relating to International Cooperation — All relevant international instruments on international cooperation in criminal matters, arrangements agreed on the basis of uniform or reciprocal legislation, and domestic laws, to the widest extent possible for the purposes of investigations or proceedings concerning criminal offenses related to computer systems and data, or for the collection of evidence in electronic form of a criminal, offense shall be given full force and effect.

*    *    *

Wonderful news – the Internet is a broad, international palette – cooperation between nations is essential to forge an ethical framework for the future.

The Internet is a growing feature in so many people’s lives – it must be safe and reflect a wholesome respect of people’s rights.

It must strive to protect from the invasive tentacles of consumerism and commercial enterprise.

It must protect from the consequences of the anonymity that it provides – by deterring cyber-bullying & defamation, with stern penalties commensurate with the cowardice often accompanying such activity online.

The law should help cultivate an ethical responsibility for the written word – it is a potent influential force on perception.

*    *    *

Imagine the uproar, just think how unethical it would be – if main-stream media – newspapers etc. – were to gang up with each other, deciding on a campaign of merciless victimization on one individual.

Imagine, if in doing so, that they had no restraint, nothing to govern the balance of content or the language employed – if they were allowed to lie, exaggerate, defame, libel – if they used foul profanities – cruel mockeries – and openly relished and displayed the entertainment that they were providing for themselves.

Even the most despotic governments in the world – would soon be brought to their knees by the resulting public outcry – no civilized society anywhere would tolerate a licence for such activity.

Such activity would justly attract condemnation from the rest of the world – and would rally international cooperation to see that such abuse was no longer allowed.

Such things as these are occurring on the Internet – right now, at this very moment – good citizens.

They are establishing a negative reputation for the country in which the perpertrators reside – because they are doing all this on the world stage of the Internet.

*    *    *

Behaviour covered explicitly in the Cybercrime Prevention Act 2012.

We’ll see if this Act grows teeth.



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Tim Cumper – Republic Act No 10175

Tim Cumper – Republic Act No 10175.

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Tim Cumper – Republic Act No 10175

With the introduction of  Republic Act No. 10175 – known as the “Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012″ certain caveats point directly to the transgression of “Bad Faith” domain name registration.

Chapter 2 – Punishable Acts – Section 4 (a)

(6) Cyber-squatting. – The acquisition of a domain name over the internet in bad faith to profit, misleaddestroy reputation, and deprive others from registering the same, if such a domain name is:

(i) Similar, identical, or confusingly similar to an existing trademark registered with the appropriate government agency at the time of the domain name registration:

(ii) Identical or in any way similar with the name of a person other than the registrant, in case of a personal name; and

(iii) Acquired without right or with intellectual property interests in it.

The incident I am currently involved in, will no doubt be of interest to the authorities charged with policing this new law – especially as it involves characters who like to impersonate these very authorities.

For more on this read here – Tim Cumper Biz on the new law & Tim Cumper Org on Falsification.

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Tim Cumper – New Project

Tim Cumper – New Project.

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Tim Cumper – The Journal

Tim Cumper – The Journal.

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Tim Cumper – Do tides Turn?

Tim Cumper affirms – “I know how King Canute must have felt.”

Tim Cumper - stemming the tide

 Trying to stem the tide of all the propaganda being constantly churned out, day by day – week by week – month by month – year by year (for over 4 years now) by the above team of bloggers in or from the Philippines.

 It’s part of an SEO campaign of distorted lies and hatred – designed to bury a story that I published on the Internet.

 Don’t let them tell you otherwise – it’s just that they ran out of things to say – so turned nasty.

 Here are some genuine links – which I am compelled to add, in an attempt to keep my head above water in the SERPs.

Picture courtesy cowanglobal.com

So here are some fabulous links – some of them are just my natural presence in the SERPs – others will inform you more of this adventure.

Tim Cumper – Speaking Tree – a website for Spiritual discussions etc.

Tim Cumper – Into The Woods – The fabulous musical by Stephen Sondheim – from July.

Tim Cumper – YouTube – Advice for copyright thieves.

Tim Cumper – Undiscovered Comments – Miraculously surviving the censor – someone else who feels like I do about all of this.

Tim Cumper – Determined – An early seasonal greeting across the seas.

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